About the Team

We love working together as a team to support your success as a leader!

Lorinda Clausen


Expertise: Leadership Development, Master Certified Coach Trainer

Lorinda is an expert at helping Executive Leaders achieve their most ambitious performance goals by coaching others to excellence. Lorinda is best known for her master coaching practice with elite, high-performance executives who care deeply about the work they’re doing and how it impacts the world around them. In addition to decades of experience in leadership roles, Lorinda has undergone rigorous training with the International Coach Federation (ICF) approved Center for Executive Coaching. She holds a rare double credential as a Certified Executive Coach and Master Certified Coach Trainer. Lorinda earned an MA in Leadership and has done additional graduate work at the University of St Thomas in Minneapolis, MN and the Institute of Business Growth in Sarasota, FL.

Ryan Petros


Expertise: Reflective Listening, Motivational Interviewing

Ryan is a pro at understanding human behavior, leadership theory, and how it impacts organizations. His keen intuition and insight provide organizations with the tools they need to have healthy, well-functioning teams and leaders who get consistent results. A certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Ryan coaches leaders in self-awareness and the impact they have on their direct reports. Ryan is a certified Leadership Coach, holds an MSW Certification and is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of PA in Philadelphia. A former Adjunct Professor at Augsburg University in St. Paul, MN, Ryan is a gifted teacher and facilitator.

Carol Bouw


Expertise: Leadership Philosophy, Business Analytics/Intelligence

Carol, a Strategy and Performance Consultant, is a genius at combining sheer business savvy with an intuitive sense of what motivates people to excel in their leadership roles. Committed to empowering emerging leaders and developing servant leaders, Carol has used her own management experiences to coach and guide with robust results. Carol is a highly effective business analyst, trainer and integrator. A graduate of St. Mary's University where she studied Business Administration and Management, Carol is also a certified Leadership Coach.

Norma Bourland


Expertise: Non Profit Leadership, DiSC Leadership Assessment

Norma Bourland is a master at activating systemic change by working closely with non profits to connect their services with public policy. Norma’s career is rich and deep with lasting results, including key leadership positions at the Children’s Defense Fund in St. Paul, MN and international non-profit management and fundraising in Reading, England. Sought out as a speaker and workshop leader, Norma brings her expertise and engaging style to forward-thinking organizations who are looking for systemic change. A graduate of the University of Texas in El Paso, Norma is a certified Leadership Coach as well as an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner.
"Carol, Ryan, Norma, and Lorinda are a powerhouse team. Together their business acumen, interpersonal skills, natural leadership, and depth of character will transform you as a leader and, by extension, your organization." KATIE MILLER, Business Coach, Utrecht NL


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